Susie Shiner


Animal Communication Demonstrations

Animal Communication Demonstrations
These ground-breaking demonstrations of animal communication are the first of their kind and have attracted much media attention.
Susie Shiner has appeared on TV, Radio and in the national press, sending presenters and journalists "reeling" by providing them with personal evidence that she is truly talking to their animals. Determined to show that we can find out what our animals are thinking and to demonstrate that animals have non-human person-hood, she continues to demonstrate animal communication through public performances. 
I am determined to do what I can to spread the word that animals have 'non-human personhood' and are truly communicating with us, and each other, through a universal 'thought' language.  

Susie Shiner, Animal Communicator

Would you like to see a demonstration at your venue?

The venue..

Susie will need a venue with a stage or raised platform so that the audience can see the visiting animals. The venue can be a village/town hall or a small theatre. You will need to organise six animals to arrive with their respective human guardian at intervals throughout the course of the demonstration. These animals should be confident and calm enough to cope with the atmosphere during the demonstration. 

Private Consultation Days..

Private Consultation Days can be booked on the subsequent day following a Demonstration or at any other time. During Private Consultation Days, Susie will be available to chat with animals belonging to members of the public.  The day is divided into half-hour consultation slots and Susie can offer consultations for up to a maximum number of 8 animals and their human family members.