Susie Shiner

Witch - Seer - Druidess - Animal Communicator 

Animal Communication Foundation Studies Course & Diploma

Sign up to Susie's on-line animal communication course and find out how you can learn how to share a thought conversation with an animal. Susie will take you through the steps necessary for telepathic animal communication so that you can truly hear an animal's thoughts and receive verifiable information that you are really communicating with them. You will also learn how to communicate with them in a way that they can truly hear you.

Some animals, like some men,

Leave a trail of glory behind them.

They give their spirit to the place

where they have lived,

and remain forever a part of the rocks

and streams and the wind and sky.

Marguerite Henry

Foundation Studies in Animal Communication

Susie's has been teaching the art of animal communication for almost a decade. Her Animal Communication Course consists of 5 modules available on-line. Each module includes:

2 x 1 hour private skype sessions with Susie

1 x set of Course Notes, including experiential exercises for you to carry out at home

1 x set of Awareness Training Audios

Video Tutorials

PLUS an invitation to join Susie's Facebook Animal Ambassadors Group where you will join other students of animal communication, sharing the journey together. 


Making the Link

Understanding Animal Communication

Learning to make the link 

Learning to communicate so that an animal can truly hear you

Learning to ask questions

Guided meditations

Experiential exercises

Linking to animals via photographs


Receiving with the Mind

Practice awareness exercises

How do we know we are not making it up? Understanding the internal dialogue.

Observation v Evaluation

Transference & Projection

Understanding how to really receive thought with the mind

Learning to listen to the mental body of animals


Body Awareness

Practice awareness exercises

Understanding our body-mind

Learning to pick up on an animal's physical issues


Emotional Body

Practice awareness exercises

Understanding the emotional body


Fluidity & non-attachment

Building rapport

Learning to attune to an animal's emotions and listen to its heart-song


Spirit Fire

Practice awareness exercises

Meditation exercises


Purpose and calling

Attuning to the spiritual nature of animals

Diploma in Animal Communication

"The world needs more people who are prepared to be ambassadors for the Earth and the animal kingdom. To this end, we must constantly be striving to be the best we can be, learning from one another, maintaining integrity, humility and a beginner's mind. My hope is that as animal communicators, we be wholly wedded to an internal code of standards and ethics to include the principle of non-violence. It is my belief that this principle should be applied both towards our treatment of the animals themselves but also to the way in which we treat the humans to whom we pass our messages. Only by embracing the principle of non-violence can we ensure that our messages be heard and integrated by their human recipients."  
Susie Shiner: Animal Communicator
Susie offers an Animal Communication Diploma to a few carefully chosen students who have shown exceptional ability as well as interpersonal skills and wish to be pursue certification. Diploma students are asked to successfully complete case histories as well as written assignments and will have completed the Foundation Studies in Animal Communication as well as an additional THREE compulsory modules.