Shamanism & Animal Communication 

Shining Horse: Animal Communication

Animal Communication Workshops

NB: I will no longer be offering Introductory to Animal Communication Workshops after this year. Instead I will be offering the longer Shamanic/Animal communication training. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS LAST WORKSHOP. Animal Communication Practice Days will still be available to those who have attended an Introductory Workshop.

Learn how to communicate with animals so that you can really hear what they are saying! All of us can learn how to hear what animals are saying, no matter who we are.

Why not join Susie Shiner, one of the UK's leading Animal Communicators, for one of her Animal Communication Workshops... an inspirational weekend with like-minded people!

Animal Communication Workshops, Bath


  • Learn how to create a strong energetic link with an animal so that you can begin to hear their thoughts and feelings
  • Engage in lots of practical exercises so that you can begin to tell the difference between your own internal dialogue and true communication with an animal
  • Practice gaining information both intuitively AND by truly hearing what an animal is actually saying to you and learn the difference
  • Learn how to perform a body scan to pick up on any disease or discomfort an animal may be experiencing
  • Learn how to connect with an animal just using a photograph as well as gain practice with visiting guest animals
  • Have the opportunity to practice the art of communicating with an animal who has passed into spirit
These workshops are designed as an introduction to animal communication. By the end of the workshop, you will already have begun to experience animal communication for yourself and will have a solid foundation from which to develop your skills further. There will be visits from live animals for you to practice communicating with.

Please bring packed lunch and a notebook and pen as well as photographs of your animals. Refreshments will be provided.

Thank you for a great weekend Susie It was mind blowing but would not have missed it for the world! x

R.S., Bristol

Humankind must steward the earth;

Caretakers for all that dwells upon it;

To be at one with the heart of all;

Human beings must learn to share the tears of every living thing,

To feel in our hearts the pain of the wounded animal,

each crushed blade of grass;
Mother Earth is our flesh;
the rocks, our bones;
The rivers are the blood of our veins.
We are all children of God.
Traditions are open to anyone
who wants to learn.

Huichol Holy Man