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Animal Communication Workshops


Dear Susie, Thanks a million for your kind and beautiful animal communication course. What a wonderful experience, one that will be in my heart always... The whole course was so full of loving kindness, support and encouragement. You are an inspirational teacher. I especially appreciate your honesty and explanations and practical advice from your experience. What a wonderful group of people too...         

P. T. from Bath
Animals are communicating all the time through a universal language made up of imagery, thought and feeling. By learning to still our busy human minds we can learn how to hear this amazing conversation. Animals have real and precise messages to relay to us and often desperately need us to listen.

Do join us for one of our fun Two Day Taster in Animal Communication:

  • Watch a demonstration of animal communication
  • Learn how to create a strong energetic link with an animal so that you can begin to hear their thoughts and feelings
  •  Learn how you can begin to tell the difference between your own internal dialogue and the thoughts of an animal 
  • Practice gaining information both intuitively and by truly hearing what an animal is actually saying to you and learn the difference  
  • Learn how to connect with an animal just using a photograph as well as practice with live animals. 


These workshops are designed as an introduction to animal communication. By the end of the workshop, you will already have begun to experience animal communication for yourself and an experience from which to develop your skills further. There will be lots of live animals for you to practice communicating with.


Vegan lunch and refreshments will be provided.