Animal communication

shamanism & the art of seership


Shining Horse offers a variety of different training courses in Seership, beginning with The Path of The Seer Foundation Course. Participants can then choose from a variety of other courses. The courses are available by private skype tuition as well as through workshop training.  

The Path of the Seer
Foundation Studies

Animal Communication

Animals are communicating with us all the time through a universal language. The ability to hear this language is our birthright and can be reclaimed by all of us.

Horse Medicine

The white mare is a mysterious and oft repeating motif amongst British and Celtic peoples. Some believe that she is in fact an ancient Celtic deity who represents the Sovereignty of the Land.
Horse Medicine Shamanic Training

Faerie Shamanism

There exists a most beautiful and vibrant mystery tradition belonging to these isles - the faerie faith of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, Cornwall. This tradition causes profound changes within us: teaching us about our authentic self; deepening our connection to the Divine in all of Nature. It teaches us integrity, humility, providing both a rudder in times of difficulty as well as a path that is balanced and harmonious.

The Art of Seership

Seership has always belonged to the ancient mysteries and is best taught within spiritual practice, especially an earth-based mystery tradition such as druidry. The Art of Seership encourages participants to develop their 'second sight' through clairvoyancy and mediumship.

The Art of Seership Shamanic Training

Songs in Trees

Have you always been fascinated by trees? Susie shows you how to grow in your relationship with these amazing beings through the art of seership and faery shamanism. Learn how trees can help in healing and divination.