Shamanism & Animal Communication 

Shining Horse: Animal Communication


Shamanism is a worldwide earth-based mystery tradition which grows from a single root. This root is the understanding that emerges when a single soul looks out across the land in awe and understands that Nature herself is the divine incarnate. From that root is born the knowledge that behind everything in nature is a spiritual or divine intelligence, whether that is a rock, a tree, an animal or a human. From this one common root grows the knowledge that we all form part of the one divine being.

Wherever shamanism is found, it has its own distinct cultural flavour, its own soul song. And though it may be passed down along ancestral lines, it is the responsibility of every soul who is drawn inextricably to its mystery, to find his/her own soul song and reveal his/her mystery. 

One cannot be a shaman without the development of the 'second sight', the ability to perceive the numinous realms of the natural world as well as to travel with one's spirit companions to Otherworlds. Shamanism and seership are an integral part of one whole. Seership has always belonged to the ancient shamanic traditions and only in more recent times, has its components become separated from the whole,  for instance in modern spiritualist churches where mediums communicate solely with our loved ones in spirit but perhaps not with animals, nature spirits or deity.  

It is my belief that for its most effective and healthy progress, seership needs to be taught within an earth-based mystery tradition. This is what Shining Horse is all about.