Susie Shiner


Shamanic Healing

I have a shamanic practice offering seership and shamanic healing. 

Shamanism has at its foundation the awareness that there is a spiritual or divine presence in each one of us. By honouring and attending to all aspects of ourselves including the spiritual, we begin the journey towards wholeness, harmony and balance.

Sessions always are conducted within sacred space and with the assistance of my spirit allies and helpers. Sessions vary according to the needs of the moment and may include seership, as well as: 

  • working with the energy body and energy centres
  • dreamwork and visioning 
  • shamanic journeying and guided imagery
  • working with soul parts
  • healing ancestral patterns
  • divination 
  • nature's augury: questing & communion in the natural world
  • simple ceremony
  • working with animals
  • mindfulness and deepening awareness of Presence

All shamanic traditions are about deepening our sense of belonging with the natural world and the vast community of beings with whom we share our lives as well as gaining inspiration and wisdom from them.