Shamanism & Animal Communication 

Shining Horse: Animal Communication


The Isbourne Holistic Centre

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Tucked away in the Regency heart of Gloucestershire, steps away from the Town Hall, the Isbourne Holistic Centre is a leading UK pioneer and an urban sanctuary for wellbeing and spiritual development.

Registered as a charity 1995, the Isbourne's aim is to create positive lives through education.

The Isbourne attracts top international authors and speakers for talks, workshops and courses. The eclectic mix of Guest Speakers has ranged from global spiritual teachers like Byron Katie and Brandon Bays, to ground-breaking scientists like Dr Rupert Sheldrake and Dr David Hamilton and conscious and intrepid explorers like BBC TV vicar Peter Owen Jones, ‘Horse Boy’ Rupert Isaacson, Graham Hancock and Benedict Allen.

Nick Thompson
Holistic Vet Ltd
Nick Thompson is a vet of over 22 years experience in conventional and complementary veterinary medicine and specialises in Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.

Helen Jacks-Hewett
Equine & Small Animal Sports Massage
Helen Jacks-Hewett is a member of the McTimoney Animal Association,
a British Equine Veterinary Association allied professional group
and a frequent visitor to Shining Horse.

The Pagan Federation
Founded in 1971 the PF seeks to support all Pagans to ensure they have the same rights as the followers of other beliefs and religions. It aims to promote a positive profile for Pagans and Paganism and to provide information on Pagan beliefs to the media, official bodies and the greater community.