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shamanism & the art of seership

Horse Medicine
The Myths of Rhiannon, Horses & The Shamanic Path

Apprenticing Ourselves to the Horse 

The white mare is a mysterious and oft repeating motif amongst British and Celtic peoples. We see her form carved out in chalk within the British landscape; she appears ridden by Lady Godiva in ancient May Day celebrations and she appears in the Welsh Mythology as Rhiannon who is depicted as a beautiful Faerie Queen or else a white mare. Some believe that she is in fact an ancient Celtic deity who represents the Sovereignty of the Land. Her symbol is of great antiquity and She appears as the totem animal of the nation. 

During the Apprenticeship:

  • We explore the myths of Rhiannon, coming to understand them in a personal way 
  • We begin to develop our own relationship with Rhiannon Herself, apprenticing to Her and to the mystery of the horse
  • We seek out a teacher horse to work with throughout the duration of the apprenticeship
  • We learn the art of animal communication particularly focussing on horse communication so that we can truly hold a thought conversation with them 
  • We allow our apprenticeship to horse wisdom and our communications with horses to colour our choices in relationship to our work with them
  • We learn the art of spiritual warriorship, deepening our relationship to our essential nature through a commitment to horse wisdom
  • We explore what it means to become a Horse Ambassador

The Horse Medicine Course is made up of Part One and a Part Two.
4 x Weekend Workshops
8 x Horse Medicine Video Conference Calls (once a month)
5 x Path of the Seer Modules On-line Conference Calls
[The Horse Medicine Experiential Course incorporates The Path of The Seer Course and Animal Communication Modules which is completed via video conferencing.]

The first four workshops are entitled:
Module One: Earth
Module Two: Water
Module Three: Air
Module Four: Fire

4 x Weekend Workshops
4 x Horse Medicine On-line Conference Calls (once a month)