Animal communication

shamanism & the art of seership

Faerie Shamanism Course

This course follows on from The Path of the Seer Course and is designed to lead participants deeper into our native faerie traditions and a more profound connection to deity, the natural world as well as the Otherworld. 

  • temple magic: working with our energy bodies to create safety
  • hearth magic: creating sacred space through the Dragon's Egg
  • sacred objects: the power of blessing and consecration
  • connecting with our spirit allies
  • journeying to the Otherworld 
  • chant & song to enliven and awaken

"I have been walking the sacred path of our own native faerie shamanism for the last 30 years, knowing that there exists a most beautiful and vibrant mystery tradition belonging to these isles -  Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, Cornwall, that is our own faerie tradition. It is my experience that this tradition causes profound changes within us: teaching us about our authentic self; providing a rudder in times of difficulty; deepening our connection to the Divine in all of Nature; teaching us integrity, humility and providing us with a path that is both balanced and harmonious.  It is my understanding that this tradition is held in perfection in the Otherworld, revealing itself to us in its own time, ready for us to make our own connections and piece together the mystery of our own nature. Our ancestors left vital clues, littering our landscape with their stone carvings and standing stones; leaving us its mystery in ballad, song and myth."

Susie Shiner, Druidess, Animal Communicator & Seer