Susie Shiner

Susie Shiner, one of the UK's most highly regarded animal communicators

Susie is one of the UK's most highly regarded animal communicators and has been 

practising the Art of Seership for more than 25 years. Originally a psychic medium serving her local churches as a platform medium, Susie also now demonstrates animal communication in public venues across the UK alongside her partner, Paul Braithwaite. 

Their demonstrations of animal communication have attracted much media attention and the pet psychic couple have appeared on TV, Radio and in the national press, sending presenters and journalists "reeling" by providing them with personal evidence that they are truly talking to their pets. Determined to show that we can find out what our pets are thinking and to demonstrate that animals have non-human personhood, they are soon to be unveiling more dates of a wider UK tour.

Susie also has a druid shamanic practice offering seership and healing and has been teaching the art of seership including animal communication for the last 10 years.  

She is a graduate of Equine Guided Education, (CEGE), having trained with Ariana Strozzi, one of the USA's pioneers of Equine Guided Education. She has more than twenty-five years experience in shamanic practice, a Certificate in Pastoral Care and Counselling, a degree in Politics and Social Policy from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and a Diploma in Art and Design.

Susie and Paul live in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside with their family of humans, goats, horses and dogs. 

I am passionate about developing people's second senses so that they can have real experiences of the Numinous Presence within Nature; to hear the voices of the Ancestors; to understand the hearts and minds of animals and to hold thought conversations with them. I have been training people in the Art of Seership and Animal Communication for many years, believing that all of us have access to the universal language by which all beings communicate. This language is our birthright and gives us a deep sense of belonging to this vast community of other beings. By deepening people's connection to the timeless wisdom of the natural world, and to our own beautiful shamanic traditions, I offer participants a safe and balanced way to develop their Sight.  Through my teaching, workshops and private practice, I help people to deepen their understanding of the mystery of their own natures and to access the well of wisdom and divinity that is within each one of us, enabling people to stand in their own authority, their own Sovereignty

Susie Shiner, Psychic Medium &  Animal Communicator

Paul Braithwaite

Paul Braithwaite, Animal Communicator

Originally a sceptic, Paul eventually 

succumbed to the undeniable reality of animal communication, during a conversation with the family goat! Blown away by what animals were thinking and saying, he religiously honed his skills whenever he could, spending almost every evening dedicating himself to their perfection. His first triumph came when he demonstrated the art of animal communication to a live audience at his local spiritualist church. Since that day, Paul has never looked back, inspired and propelled by the reaction of the congregation who were aghast at his accurate depiction of their lives through the eyes of their animals. A short while later, he astounded Heart FM presenters by accurately locating the whereabouts of Rocky, their missing tortoise. 

When I first met Susie Shiner, I was moved by her charm and personable nature, but I had one misgiving. Here was this intelligent and charming woman, yet she had told me that she was an animal communicator. My background had been somewhat more conventional with a stint in the military and a translator for the government. Despite the fact that I was a passionate animal lover, how could someone who seemed so sane entertain such a thought?

I suppose it was about 18 months into the relationship with Susie before I truly believed that all she was saying about our ability to communicate with animals had substance and that she was not in fact, barking mad (forgive the pun). 

Once I had seen enough personal proof that a telepathic connection was possible between a human and an animal, it was not long before I began to experience it for myself.

Now, I have dedicated my life to this incredible but wholly natural phenomenon."

Paul Braithwaite, Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator