Animal Communication


Welcome to Shining Horse:
Animal Communication with Susie Shiner & Paul Braithwaite

“Some animals, like some men,

Leave a trail of glory behind them.

They give their spirit to the place

where they have lived,

and remain forever a part of the rocks

and streams and the wind and sky.”

Marguerite Henry

Animals are communicating all the time through a universal language made up of imagery, thought and feeling. By learning to still our busy human minds we can learn how to hear this amazing conversation. Animals have real and precise messages to relay to us and often desperately need us to listen.


Witness animals truly communicating with their human guardians during one of these amazing live shows. The first of their kind, these ground-breaking demonstrations of animal communication have attracted much media interest. more..

Want to see an animal communication demonstration in your area?

We are looking for regional organisers with a passion for animals to organise demonstrations in their local area. more..


"The world needs more people who are prepared to be ambassadors for the Earth and the animal kingdom."

Susie Shiner

Find out how you can learn to communicate with animals and truly hear what they are saying... 


Have you always wondered what your animal is thinking and feeling? An Animal Communication Consultation can really help you understand your animal better. more..