Susie Shiner

Celtic Seer, Animal Communicator


Deep within us is a spiritual essence and within all living things. This understanding is the common root of all shamanic traditions and inspires a deep love and reverence for the natural world and for all beings, deepening our sense of belonging to this vast community of beings with whom we share our home, the Earth. 

Wherever shamanism is found, it has its own distinct cultural flavour, its own soul song. Within the British Isles, we have our own Native British Shamanism. Our ancestors left clues for us in myth, story, legend, ballad and song about how to find our way Home, home to our spiritual essence.

It is my understanding that the Old Tradition or 'Elder Faith' is held in its fullness for us in the Other-world. It is the responsibility of every soul who is drawn inextricably to its mystery, to find her own soul song; to link to her own ancestral traditions and, through her connection to her own divine spirit and to the allies in the Other-world, to reveal her mystery.

Susie Shiner: Celtic Seer, Animal Communicator

Through my teaching, workshops and private practice, I help people to deepen their understanding of the mystery of their own natures and to access the well of wisdom and divinity that is within each one of us, enabling people to stand in their own authority, their own Sovereignty.  I am passionate about developing people's second senses so that they can have real experiences of the Numinous Presence within Nature; to hear the voices of the Ancestors; to understand the hearts and minds of animals and to hold thought conversations with them. I have been training people in the Art of Seership and Animal Communication for many years, believing that all of us have access to the universal language by which all beings communicate. This language is our birthright. By deepening people's connection to the timeless wisdom of the natural world, and to our own beautiful shamanic traditions, I offer participants a safe and balanced way to develop their Sight