Susie Shiner

Animal Communicator 
& Seer

Welcome to The World of Animal Communication

Animals are communicating with us all the time through a universal language made up of imagery, thoughts, intention and feeling.

Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator UK, Susie Shiner
By learning to still our busy human minds, we can learn how to hear this amazing conversation. 
Animals have real, verifiable and precise messages to relay to us and often desperately need us to listen.

By learning this wholly natural but incredible skill, we learn to come into right relationship with ourselves and with the vast array of beings with whom we share our lives. Learning this language leads us to a deep sense of belonging and to finding our place within the natural world.

Holding a thought conversation with an animal is something all of us can learn how to do. Animal communication is the Universal Language which is ours for the taking and is naturally our birthright.

Seership & Healing For Humans

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"It is one of my greatest pleasures to pass the messages from the Otherworld to my clients. We are never alone and there is always a guiding hand for us."  

Susie Shiner

Susie has been "walking between the worlds" for the last 25 years offering inspirational and insightful readings to her clients. She is a natural seer & healer who works with spirit guides & ancestors to bring guidance and support to you from the Otherworld.

She has served as a medium in local churches and continues to offer private clients highly accurate readings full of integrity.

Because she works with spirit guides and helpers, clients often find that the information which comes through is often what they most need to hear in the moment. Susie's in-depth readings are unusually accurate, insightful and uplifting, providing her clients with purpose and direction.

In-depth Psychic Readings

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